TrueNorth Steel’s TrueWalk Catwalk Accelerates Construction of Oil-Well Operations

Jun 18, 2019 | Product Information

At TrueNorth Steel, we over 70 years of experience providing innovative solutions to the oil field industry. Our extensive experience allows us to manufacture oil field products that not only save time and money but makes oil-well operations run smoother. One of those products is our TrueWalk Catwalk system. With a flexible design, increased safety and durability, and accelerated installation, TrueWalk Catwalk system is the perfect solution for traveling to and from oil tanks.

Flexible Modular Design

TrueNorth Steel’s TrueWalk Catwalk features an innovative locking structural channel system available in a range of sizes. In addition to offering standard sizes for all API configurations, we can also fabricate custom configurations due to the modular design. Our ability to fabricate a TrueWalk Catwalk system according to the oil-well operation’s needs means no redesign is necessary. The result is a system suitable for almost every oil-well operation, regardless of size.

Increased Safety and Durability

With safety in mind, we design and build our products to ensure they meet the highest quality and safety standards. The TrueWalk Catwalk system is no exception.

TrueWalk is meticulously engineered, resulting in a system that is an industry leader in both sturdiness and safety. The surface of the walkways is made with Grip Strut®, which is a lightweight galvanized steel grating. This slip-resistant surface works in combination with rounded handrails to reduce the risk of falls when traveling between oil tanks. The Grip Strut® walkways are great for oil field sites prone to harsh weather and slippery conditions.

Accelerated Installation

The beauty of TrueNorth Steel’s TrueWalk Catwalk is installation is as easy as setting the catwalk in place. Because the pieces lock together, it replaces 75% of the bolts normally required to build a catwalk. Less small parts to worry about means less frustration during installation.

TrueWalk Catwalk systems can also be set up much faster than other catwalk designs. The interlocking design of the TrueWalk Catwalk speeds up the installation process by as much as 35%. Compared to other catwalk designs, our system installs in just a third of the time. Faster and easier installation not only eliminates the cost of manual labor but also reduces the risk of injuries.

An example of this is a recent project completed at North Dakota’s Fort Berthold Reservation. The ease of installing a TrueWalk Catwalk contributed to the crew’s ability to get a new oil-well operation up and running in just a quarter of the time they estimated. Likewise, crews at a Williston, ND oil-well operation were able to place 2,100 feet of walkway in as little as three hours.

When used in conjunction with TrueNorth Steel’s TrueTank oil storage tanks and TrueContain boltless containment systems, the result is a setup that is cohesive, efficient, and reliable. For more information regarding TrueNorth Steel’s oil field products, please contact our team.

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