Williston Oil Field Containment

TrueContain Oil Containment System
TrueWalk catwalk
TrueContain Oil Containment System
Williston, North Dakota• 6 1,000-bbl TrueTank Oil Storage Tanks
• 3 120×50-foot TrueContain Systems
• 1 TrueWalk Catwalk System
• 3 700-foot sections of raised, steel walkways

Situation: A Williston, North Dakota landowner required a local oil producer to build more advanced containment systems than the earthen berms the company typically used. The producer also needed a solution for wet and slippery conditions within the containments.

Result: TrueNorth Steel provided many components, including its innovative containment systems, to protect the new well sites near the Missouri River. In addition, TrueNorth developed and installed 2,100 feet of raised, steel walkway inside the containments.

 Roustabouts kicked off the project by installing 120-by-50-foot TrueContain systems at three new oil sites. The containments’ boltless designs allowed the crew to quickly complete setup. For added protection, crews installed Polyurea liners at each site.

Following the containment installation, roustabouts placed the 1,000-bbl shop-built oil tanks followed by the catwalks. The TrueWalk catwalk’s innovative, locking structural channel design eliminated 75 percent of the bolts usually required for installation, allowing for faster set-up.

Once the sites containment walls were installed, crews turned to future worker safety. TrueNorth supplied an innovative galvanized steel tread system that allowed workers to walk 8 inches above the ground within the containment, reducing the risk of injury from slips and falls despite the harsh weather in the region. Crews placed the 2,100 feet of walkway in just three hours.

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