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Structural Steel

Simplify your structure requirements

A standard product for proven results

Our TrueStair system is a standardized design developed specifically to reduce the time required for all project team members that interact with the stair product. TrueStair is suitable for both remodels and new construction projects. TrueStair specifications and details are available for download. Additionally, TrueNorth Steel representatives are available to help with your design, ensuring a trouble free experience. TrueStair can be pre-engineered, allowing for assembly in an expeditious manner.

TrueStair can be preassembled in flight modules or fit up to any bolt-on rail systems supplied by TrueNorth Steel. Architects and contractors now have the ability to configure a labor and time efficient stair system that is cost effective when compared to conventional stair designs.


  • AISC Building Fabricator (BU)
  • AISC Bridge & Highway Components (CPT)
  • AISC Bridge Fabricator – Advanced (ABR)
  • AISC Fracture Critical Endorsement – (FCE)
  • AISC Special Paint Endorsement – Enclosed (P1)
  • Designed & Fabricated to applicable AASHTO/ASTM Standards
  • City of Los Angeles Certified Fabricator
  • WABO (Washington Area Building Officials) Certified Fabricator
  • CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) Certified Fabricator
  • AWS (American Welding Society) Certified Welding Fabricator

Why TrueStair™

Cost Effective & Simple to Use Designs

Ease of use for the design and construction team

One of the biggest benefits of the TrueStair system is the simplified design that has been developed to make it easy to work with in many different conditions. TrueStair is suitable for both remodels and new construction projects.  In additional to that there are downloadable specs and details that are ready to go and available so that there are no surprises.

Fast and Efficient Installation

TrueStair can be configured to be assembled the way that works best for your project.  The stairs can be preassembled in flight modules or it can be made to fit up to any of the bolt on rail systems that TrueNorth Steel has to offer.

Cost Effective

TrueStair is a more economical solution when compared to current traditional systems. Architects and contractors now have the ability to configure a design for the same price or less than other stair systems on the market. 

Pre-Engineered design ready for drawings

Since TrueStair has the design pre-engineered, the design standards are ready to drop-in and configure to the way that best suits your project needs.

Increased Safety

At TrueNorth Steel, we believe safety is paramount and our products reflect that. Each TrueStair system is designed to be safety compliant and meets the specifications outlined in both local and state codes.

Reduced lead-time

With all projects, time is of the essence!  With that in mind, TrueNorth Steel created the TrueStair product to reduce the time needed for all functional area team members that interact with the stair product.  This includes the design team, drawing creation, engineering, production, and installation.  

TrueStair™ Options

Standard Stringers​

  • Plate 1/4×10
  • Plate 1/4×12
  • Plate 3/8×10
  • Plate 3/8×12
  • MC12x10.6
  • C12x20.7
  • HSS 12x2x 1/4

Standard Rails​

  • TrueRail
  • Pipe
  • Rod
  • Tube
  • Picket
  • Wire Mesh

Standard Treads​

  • Concrete Filled
  • Checker Plate
  • Precast

Standard Finishes​

  • Grey Primer
  • Galvanized

“The TrueStair system is user friendly and there is no learning curve to get up to speed.” 

“On a 15 floor installation, the TrueStair system cuts the time in half.”


Our Structural Steel Team

Our team has experience in all facets of structural steel manufacturing and fabrication, from pre-construction to operations. We have worked on hundreds of projects in commercial, industrial, structural plate, and major bridge areas of structural steel.

Our Services and Capabilities

Over the years, TrueNorth Steel has gained a national reputation for delivering a quality product and customer satisfaction. Regardless of the scope of work or complexity of the project, we’re confident we can bring solid solutions to complex projects. We work closely with the construction team, combining their vision with our experience to ensure building projects are designed, fabricated and built to spec, on time and as efficiently as possible.



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