Meets almost any application requirement

TruePlate® Structural Plate

Larger Sizes, Specialized Shapes

Many drainage and bridge applications exceed the size and design limitations of standard corrugated steel pipe. In these cases, structural plates can provide a solution by offering larger sizes, heavier gauges and specialized shapes to meet almost any application requirement. TrueNorth Steel® offers expert design support to engineers, owners and contractors and provides customized solutions, including corrugated structural steel plates, for your drainage culvert or bridge application.

Advantages of TruePlate® Structural Plate Includes:

  • Design versatility

  • Low installed cost relative to cast-in-place or precast  concrete and small bridges

  • Easily installed in difficult or remote site situations

  • Designed to meet your life-cycle requirements

  • Less maintenance

  • No bridge expansion joints for a smooth driving surface

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