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75 years of experience

Nationwide Steel Supplier

At TrueNorth Steel, we are proud to provide steel-based solutions for customers’ projects in a variety of industries. With more than 75 years of manufacturing, engineering and project management experience, we deliver high-quality construction and storage solutions across the United States.

Our teams work closely with engineers, architects and construction managers, tailoring the level of service and assistance to each client’s unique needs. From concept to fabrication and assembly, we will do as much as our customers require. Our decades of experience, coupled with a detailed understanding of each project, ensure long-lasting steel solutions customized to the individual project requirements.

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TrueNorth Steel Divisions

Custom Steel Solutions

Vehicular | Pedestrian | Steel Plate Girder | Redidek | Supersill®

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Corrugated Steel Pipe
Drainage | Rehabilitation | Stormwater | Energy | Agriculture

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Underground Storage Tanks
diesel Tanks | Gas Tanks | Exhaust Fluid | Aviation

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Above Ground Storage Tanks
Bulk Fuel | Oil Field | Containment | Stair & Walkway Systems

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Structural Steel Fabrication
Industrial | Commercial | Industrial Plate | Steel Plate Girder Bridges

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Construction Products
Cattle Guards | Drainage Gates | Erosion Control | Geosynthetics

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TrueNorth Steel provides manufacturing, engineering and project management experience for a variety of different steel projects. View some of our featured projects including bridges, corrugated steel pipe, stormwater management, underground tanks, bulk fuel tanks, oil field tanks, and a variety of structural steel fabrication and construction.

Featured Project

Block 9 Downtown Fargo


Are you a Game Changer?

At TrueNorth Steel, we strive to be a team of Game Changers! What does that mean to us? A Game Changer is a committed, positive, outcome focused individual who is personally responsible for doing whatever it takes to empower their team to succeed. They build trust in themselves and others through dedicated teamwork and self-improvement.

News & Updates

The Latest News

Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, AKA “The Monument”

Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, AKA “The Monument”

UPDATE: 6/25/20 Construction of Rapid City’s “The Monument” moves to the next stage. Read more here. 6/05/20 Follow along with us as we assist with the expansion of the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City, SD. The Rushmore Plaza Civic Center...

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Aquarium of the Future

Aquarium of the Future

We’ve done many complicated geometry projects, but none that encompass a radius structure with no curved steel. Thanks to our in-house detailing expertise, our drafters had the vision and ability to draw the final requirements for what was a...

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