Abutment Support System for TrueNorth Steel Bridges

TrueNorth Steel

SuperSill® Abutment

Whether you require a bridge crossing for vehicles, trail use, golf courses or pedestrian applications, the SuperSill® bridge abutment system is simple, cost-effective and fabricated with the same quality and design requirements as the TrueNorth Steel Bridge it supports!

SuperSill for Modular Vehicular and Pedestrian Bridges

  • The SuperSill is a steel concrete abutment form.
  • This bridge structural support system applies a corrugated sheet, wide-flange W-beam, and welded supports to a heavy duty, high quality frame.
  • Pre-engineered and standardized to eliminate unique abutment design fees.
  • SuperSill prefabricated abutments eliminate unnecessary on-site forming and installation costs due to idle labor and equipment.
  • The bridge abutments can also be shipped empty, on the same truck as the bridge, removing the requirement of shipping low-value concrete from the plant to the jobsite
  • SuperSill bridge abutments are designed to support a variety of soil conditions without the need for piling.
  • Certified for Steel Plate Girder Bridges

Our Process

  • Perched abutment.
  • Includes integral backwall providing interface between bridge and approaches.
  • Supports the weight of the trail bridge (no load) in an empty state.

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