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TrueNorth Steel provides project support to engineers, specifiers and designers of our products and TrueNorth Steel employs engineers to assist with this support. Engineers, specifiers, designers and other users of TrueNorth Steel products are responsible for determination of fitness for use and proper design, application and installation of those products.

TrueNorth Steel may also provide project specific engineered designs for our products. These engineered designs are prepared by independent licensed consulting engineers who are responsible for the design and applicability of TrueNorth Steel products.

TrueNorth Steel

NCSPA – Steel Proven 100-Years Strong

The First Edition of NCSPA’s Corrugated Steel Pipe Design Manual is the result of an extensive review and update of products and methods that are currently used. This manual places emphasis on the many applications of corrugated steel products. It also focuses on special design considerations, rehabilitation, and maintenance of steel pipe. In addition, significant updates have been made to reflect the NCSPA’s current durability guidelines. The NCSPA actively promotes the use of corrugated steel pipe products in construction.

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