Shorten your setup time by as much as 35%

Productivity & Safety

Quicker, More Efficient Installs

Shorten your setup time by as much as 35 percent with our stairway, crossover, catwalk, and walkway systems. Manufactured with your productivity and safety in mind, our exclusive designs of industrial prefabricated steel stair and walkways install in a third of the time with less hassle than other designs.

Each stair and walkway system is designed to meet and exceed OSHA safety standards providing peace of mind that users are as safe as possible.

Forget the frustration and mistakes that come with a lot of small parts. Our designs feature an innovative structural channel that replaces 75 percent of the bolts typically needed to connect the components of these stair and walkway systems. This feature dramatically reduces manual labor and associated risk of injuries. With TrueNorth Steel’s stair and walkway systems, it’s as easy as setting the catwalk in place


TrueNorth Steel works closely with our customers to ensure we provide the stair system that perfectly fits their specific needs and requirements. Each stair system sold is custom designed, engineered, and fabricated in one of our facilities.

Handrail systems can be designed to incorporate additional safety measures, meeting more stringent safety standards. Our design allows for quick and easy installation in any type of environment.

Catwalk, Walkways, and Extensions

Catwalks, metal walkways, and extensions are built-in variable sizes and types to meet specific requirements. Our hands-on approach to design and manufacturing ensures a strong, safe, and cost-effective solution for customers who need API compliant platforms with stairs to access a variety of heights and lengths.

All TrueNorth Steel prefabricated catwalks and walkways can be galvanized, painted, or powder-coated in one of our standard color options to protect them from aggressive conditions commonly found in oilfield applications. Custom colors are available.

Crossover Stairways

TrueNorth Steel designs and manufactures crossover stairway bridges or walkover structures that are customizable to meet each specific application. Steel crossover stairways are designed to facilitate access over pipes, containment walls (inquire for details on TrueNorth Steel’s TrueContain containment wall system) and other obstructions.

TrueNorth Steel will work with you to design and detail stairway bridges and walkovers incorporating step tread types, coatings and more. Systems can be designed to be compliant with API and OSHA 29 CFR 1910 SubPart D.

Stairway and Walkway Features

Walkway Safety Components

Grip Strut®-surfaced walkways and round handrails on the stairs reduce the risk of slips and falls while traveling between oil tanks.

Sturdy Design

Meticulous engineering results in industry-leading strength and safety during use.

All Size Ranges

We offer standard sizes for all API configurations, and the system’s modular design enables custom configurations with no redesign necessary.

Above Ground Fuel Tank Certification

Steel Tank Institute

  • F921® Licensed Manufacturer
  • Fireguard® Licensed Manufacturer
  • Flameshield® Licensed Manufacturer

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