Up to 75% Faster than on-site Field-fabricated Construction

TrueNorth Steel

Bridge Deck Replacement System

TrueNorth Steel’s patented, innovative process uses lightweight prefabricated galvanized corrugated steel bridge deck panels. RediDek® bridge deck panels arrive on site ready to install on existing steel, wood or concrete girders.

Steel Specifications & Span Tables

Table 1 – Engineering Data, 12” x 4-1/4” Bridge Flooring – Type A
Nominal Gauge Design Thickness (in) Yield Strength (ksi) Approx. Weight (psf) Moment of Inertia (in4/ft) Section Modulus (in3/ft) HS 15-44 HS 20-44 HL-93 U80
12 0.104 50 7.4 6.05 2.92 65 52 52 N/A
9 0.149 50 10.5 8.83 4.02 77 61 61 59
7 0.179 50 12.6 10.59 4.78 89 70 70 67

The allowable net spans presented in the table above are for informational purposes only and require consultation with the project engineer for specific product application recommendations.

Features and Benefits

  • AISC-certified manufacturing facilities ensure the highest quality construction and fabrication.
  • Fracture Critical Endorsement to meet the most stringent bridge fabrication demands.
  • Sophisticated Paint Endorsement.
  • Designed and fabricated to applicable AASHTO/ASTM Standards

REDIDEK® Specifications

  • Net span is the clear span between girder flanges.
  • Allowable net span is based on 3-3/4” of gravel ballast cover above the top flange of 4-1/4” decking.
  • Steel decking shall be 4-1/4”deep x 12” lay length “Type A” galvanized corrugated steel conforming to ASTM
  • A653 grade 50.
  • Steel decking shall be galvanized G200 coating weight per ASTM A653.

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