Up to 75% Faster than on-site Field-fabricated Construction

TrueNorth Steel

Bridge Deck Replacement System

TrueNorth Steel’s patented, innovative process uses lightweight prefabricated galvanized corrugated steel bridge deck panels. RediDek® bridge deck panels arrive on site ready to install on existing steel, wood or concrete girders.

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Features and Benefits

  • AISC-certified manufacturing facilities ensure the highest quality construction and fabrication.
  • Fracture Critical Endorsement to meet the most stringent bridge fabrication demands.
  • Sophisticated Paint Endorsement.
  • Designed and fabricated to applicable AASHTO/ASTM Standards

REDIDEK® Specifications

  • Net span is the clear span between girder flanges.
  • Allowable net span is based on 3-3/4” of gravel ballast cover above the top flange of 4-1/4” decking.
  • Steel decking shall be 4-1/4”deep x 12” lay length “Type A” galvanized corrugated steel conforming to ASTM
  • A653 grade 50.
  • Steel decking shall be galvanized G200 coating weight per ASTM A653.

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