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complete turn-key oil field system

TrueNorth Steel offers a complete turn-key oil field solution with steel storage tanks, spill containment systems, and catwalks. We engineer and manufacture all of our tanks at our state-of-the-art facility in Fargo, ND, strategically located to serve the Bakken, Niobrara and Powder River fields.

ISNetworld RAVS Plus Participant for Oilfield Tank Safety Compliance

You can trust that we supply the highest quality steel storage tanks and coatings based upon long-standing, stringent quality standards and inspection processes. TrueNorth Steel is API Q1 certified.

Our in-house logistics company delivers our tanks straight from our manufacturing facilities to your location utilizing our own specialized trailers to simplify unloading. We will coordinate closely with you to ensure delivery on your schedule. For peak productivity and efficiency, use oil field tanks with TrueNorth Steel’s innovative TrueContain boltless containment system and catwalks.

Oil Field Tank Sizes

TrueNorth Steel oil field tanks are custom built and range in size from 200 to 1,000 BBL.

Print Check

At TrueNorth Steel we ensure your tank design meets your requirements by incorporating our design and fabrication print check detail drawing process. This process results in delivering the right product configuration every time.


Tank Base

The TrueNorth Steel tank base design incorporates the base into the tank, eliminating the need for multiple shipments, different suppliers and the handling and setting of two separate pieces. This saves you significant labor, shipping and set-up costs.

Oil Field Products API Registered

TrueNorth Steel is an American Petroleum Institute approved company that uses the systems required to produce the highest quality storage tanks.

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