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High Durability Cattle Guards

TrueNorth Steel fabricates cattle guards in several configurations to meet specific site and loading demands. Our cattle guards meet the highest standards required by the United States Bureau of Land Management “BLM”, United States Forest Service “USFS” and several state departments of Transportation.

TrueNorth Steel cattle guards or “grids” are fabricated in our AISC certified facilities utilizing Grade 50 steel. Cattle guards can be supplied as black steel or painted. In addition to steel cattle guards TrueNorth Steel also supplies associated steel wings and precast concrete bases. If you’ve experienced low-cost cattle guards that bend or are damaged easily, which is common with round pipe grids, try TrueNorth Steel cattle guards.

Montana Dept. of Transportation

Cattle guards are HS20/HL-93 load rated utilizing 7 gauge formed caps and are painted using two-part epoxy mastic aluminum paint. These cattle guards are available with or without a clean out section and holes are provided for multiple cattle guard assembly.


  • Width – 7’-9″
  • Lengths – 8’, 10’, 12’

Wyoming Dept. of Transportation

Cattle guards are fabricated using 3″x3″ square high-strength steel. Load rating is HS20-44 per WYDOT specifications and are painted brown per Federal Highways standard #595 color #20059. They are available in Medium Duty or Heavy Duty as required by the customer or project.


  • Width – 6’-6″
  • Lengths – 6’

Bureau of Land Management

Cattle guards are made using 3″x2″ square high-strength steel and are fabricated to BLM specifications. These cattle guards are typically painted using Federal Safety Yellow but can be painted per project specifications as they are made to order. Holes are provided for multiple cattle guard assembly.


  • Width – 8’
  • Lengths – 12’, 14′, 16′

Other Cattle Guards Available for Fabrication

Custom cattle guards can be fabricated using customer supplied engineered drawings.

Why TrueNorth Steel

Easy Cattle Guard Installation

1. Set concrete bases supplied by TrueNorth Steel.

2. Prep to place cattle guard onto concrete bases.

3. Place cattle guards onto concrete bases.

4. Finalize finishing details. Installation complete.

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