Vehicular Bridges

TrueNorth Steel’s simple bolt-together vehicular bridges are engineered to highway and county specifications, and our bridge structures are also designed for applications where attractiveness is important.

> Pre-engineered P.E. stamped conservative standard designs eliminate expensive engineering costs

> Fabricated from weathering steel. Paint free, low maintenance steel and a beautiful patina attractive finish.

> Heavy-gauge galvanized decking and guardrails are installed on the bridge prior to transportation, reducing onsite installation and labor

> Our heavy-gauge galvanized corrugated deck will accept gravel, asphalt, concrete and finished timber decking for finished road surfaces.

> Multiple standard load ratings are available, but if you need something extraordinary just let us know and we can design it.

> Clear Spans up to 240’, allows you to eliminate piers and save material and construction costs

> Built to AASHTO standards and load ratings

> Numerous engineered guide rails are available

> Light-weight modules support single crane installations