RediDek™ Prefabricated Steel Bridge Deck Panels

Mar 20, 2019 | Product Information

When it comes to quick and affordable alternatives to traditional bridges constructed on site, TrueNorth Steel offers an innovative solution with our prefabricated modular bridge system. From abutments to guardrails to deck panels, we use an AISC certified fabrication processes to ensure higher levels of quality.

A crucial element of our prefabricated modular steel bridges  is our RediDek™ prefabricated steel bridge deck panels. These panels work in conjunction with TrueNorth Steel’s SuperSill™ abutment system , both of which are an integral part of TrueNorth Steel’s Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) process . Here’s how our RediDek™ prefabricated steel bridge deck panels contribute to a bridge system that reduces the cost of construction and installation, as well as road closure times.

Prefabricated Design

The RediDek™ bridge deck panels are constructed using lightweight, prefabricated galvanized corrugated steel. During fabrication, lifting eyes are installed to facilitate fast picking points that contribute to the quick installation of the panels. At this time, pre-punched weld holes are added to the panels and are positioned based on the girder spacing. To securely attach the panels to bridge girders with concrete or timber stringers, the RediDek™ panels are equipped with a bolted flange connection. Each panel features interior splice bars to easily bolt adjoining panels to one another. In addition, the prefabricated steel bridge deck panels have side and end dams installed to contain road base, asphalt, or concrete.

Faster and Low-Cost Installation

Once the shop fabrication of the deck panels is completed, they’re shipped directly to the installation site. The prefabricated steel bridge deck panels arrive ready to be installed on the existing wood, concrete, or steel girders. This  , allowing the prefabricated steel bridge deck panels to be installed as much as 75% faster than those constructed on site. In fact, TrueNorth Steel’s RediDek™ prefabricated deck panels can be  . This quick and easy installation benefits the motoring public by reducing road closure times.

A perfect example of how quickly RediDek™ replacement deck panels can be installed is the recent replacement of the   in Wisdom, Montana. The existing bridge’s wood deck had experienced drastic deterioration which decreased the bridge’s ability to accommodate load limits and created a critical safety issue. To combat this problem, Beaverhead County used TrueNorth Steel’s RediDek™ prefabricated deck replacement system to strengthen the structure and increase the load limits to meet current standards. Because the bridge could not be closed for more than twelve hours, the RediDek™ deck panels were the perfect solution for this project. Crews were able to easily install the new decking in just eight quick hours.

Regarding the Clemow Lane Bridge replacement, Beaverhead County’s Road and Bridge Supervisor remarks, “TrueNorth Steel’s revolutionary RediDek™ prefabricated deck panels saved us three days of construction time. As one of the largest counties in Montana, we are limited on county forces and infrastructure dollars. Saving valuable time allows us to quickly move onto the next project.”

Durable and Long-Lasting Materials

The RediDek™ replacement system utilizes galvanized corrugated steel deck panels to ensure a durable and long-lasting system. Before leaving the shop, each panel is equipped with shop-installed side and end dams to keep the road base contained. Blade runners are also installed during fabricated to prevent damage from grader and plow blades. Once installed, the prefabricated steel bridge panels require very little maintenance, making them an ideal option for bridge structures located in remote locations. They’re also a great option for bridges on county roads, like the one installed in Montana’s Beaverhead County.

To learn more about TrueNorth Steel’s RediDek™ prefabricated deck panels, check out our brochure or contact our team to discuss your next project.

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