Features of Elutron® Underground Tank Technology

Jun 18, 2019 | Product Information

At TrueNorth Steel, we have over 70 years of experience working with the agricultural and oil industries. With our extensive experience has come an increased understanding of how to manufacture the best possible tanks for our customers. By utilizing our specific design, we can provide tanks that are durable and cost-effective, among other benefits.

Here are some of the great features and money-saving benefits of our underground storage tanks.

Customizable Tank Design

The underground storage tanks TrueNorth Steel offers range in size from 560 gallons to 40,000 gallons in 4-foot to 12-foot diameters. In addition to a wide range of sizes, we can manufacturer longer tanks to have compartments built-in. This allows for more options and versatility in when selecting an underground storage tank.

Money Saving Benefits

Because our underground storage tanks are customizable, they can also provide money-saving opportunities. Businesses are taxed based on the number of underground tanks they have. Rather than utilizing a large number of tanks, companies can replace them with fewer tanks in larger sizes. This can be more cost effective in two ways. First, by replacing the number of tanks you originally had with fewer longer tanks, you will be taxed less. Second, by replacing smaller tanks with larger tanks, you’re able to store more fuel at a lower tax rate.


At TrueNorth Steel, we’ve developed a proven process for manufacturing underground storage tanks that are extremely durable. Our tanks utilize TrueCore, a steel core which is one of the strongest on the market. TrueCoat uses Elutron® Double Wall technology to provide external and internal protection from tank failures caused by the elements.

This combination of TrueCore and TrueCoat produces a tank that has the strength of steel as well as the anti-corrosive benefits of fiberglass. The overall result is an underground storage tank that will stand up to the elements and reduce failure caused by installation error.

Reduced Safety Risks

Acting as an extension of your team, we work with you to analyze the environmental risks of your site. From there we will make recommendations to ensure the appropriate internal and external protections are put in place. Every tank we manufacture is UL listed and tested per the UL standard 58+UL1746, ensuring it meets the required specification put forth by the National Fire Protection Association. The protective measures we put in place work in conjunction with the simple installation of our tanks to reduce risks to safety.

Easy Installation

In addition to manufacturing durable underground storage tanks, our tanks can be installed quickly. Our instruction manual is short and sweet compared the other manufacturers, so getting started is much easier.

When a tank is shipped from our facility, it includes a factory-established interstitial vacuum and pressure valve. Likewise, each tank arrives with cleaned and leveled fittings. These features alone save installers several hours of work they would normally spend on pre-installation testing and cleaning other manufacturer’s tanks require. Assisting in the simple installation of our tanks is the steel core. The steel core makes it easier to install than a tank made entirely from fiberglass.

Interested in learning more about our underground storage tanks? Check out our brochure or contact our team for more information.

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