TrueNorth Steel is proud to announce that our innovative project with the Daly Ditches Irrigation District (DDID) in Hamilton, MT, has been recognized with the prestigious NCSPA Project of the Year Connections Award. This award is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in infrastructure development.

Steven Andersen, TrueNorth Steel’s Director of Drainage Sales, accepts the Project of the Year award at the NCSPA Annual Meeting

The project involved the replacement of a wooden flume that had served the DDID and the Bitterroot Valley for over a century. The wooden flume had reached the end of its useful life, and a cost-effective solution was needed to ensure continued irrigation water supply to the valley.

Wooden flume in Hamilton, Montana that supported the area for over 100 years

After proposing an aerial span to span the canyon and using a 60” Aluminized Type II welded-seam Spiral Rib pipe for corrosion protection and superior hydraulic performance, TrueNorth Steel replaced the flume with a 73”x55” Aluminized Type II welded-seam pipe arch. The project included precast concrete structures and a steel trash rack to prevent debris from flowing through the system. TrueNorth Steel’s close collaboration with DDID ensured the project’s success, providing critical irrigation infrastructure for the Bitterroot Valley.

Aluminized Type II welded-seam pipe arch and precast concrete structures during installation

Winning the NCSPA Project of the Year Connections Award is a testament to the transformative impact of this project. TrueNorth Steel is honored to receive this recognition and looks forward to continuing to deliver innovative solutions for infrastructure development in the future. 

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