TrueNorth Steel Honored with Project of the Year Award

May 9, 2022 | Recognition

The National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association (NCSPA), an industry leading organization in the steel pipe trade, recently awarded TrueNorth Steel with the Project of the Year Award in the Polymer Coating category for the Cache Creek Tube Phase 2 project. 

TrueNorth Steel received recognition for manufacturing a Polymeric Coated AS-10 Hydrodynamic Separator, a unique water treatment system and implementing it within the Cache Creek Tube Phase 2 project. The AS-10 Hydrodynamic Separator (HDS) helps to mitigate pollutants to improve the overall water quality in Jackson, Wyoming. 

Award Details 

Project of the year category: Coatings 

Project Location: Jackson, Wyoming 

Size & Profile: AS-10 Hydrodynamic Separator 

Substrate: Polymer 

About Cache Creek Tube Phase 2 

Located in the Jackson Hole Valley, just south of Grand Teton National Park with Cache Creek flows through Jackson and originates in the Bridger National Forest in a Wilderness area. Cache Creek runs through three storm drain pipes below the town, some of which is located on private property and reemerges for final discharge into flat creek. 

As these creeks disappear via subterranean flows, a way to keep the community connected with the creek is to use a newer technique called “Daylighting” and ground stenciling to follow the route the creek flows through town. 

As part of an infrastructure project to consolidate the storm drain system underneath one right away, a treatment system was needed to improve the water quality and remove sediment, floatable debris and oil from the storm drain system. An AS-10 Hydrodynamic Separator (HDS) was selected as the solution to mitigate pollutants for final discharge into Flat Creek. 

TrueNorth Steel’s Award Winning Solution 

TrueNorth Steel manufactured the Polymeric Coated AS-10 Hydrodynamic Separator with the ability to filter and target particle sizes as small as 50 microns. The materials consist of 10ft diameter x 12ga 5×1 Polymeric coated steel and 12ft vertical height. The inlet and outlet pipe are 30in Diameter x 16ga 2 2/3 x ½ Polymeric Coated Steel. The poly HDS system can treat

water quality flows up to 17.5 cft and is equipped with its own internal bypass to bypass high rain intensity events. Traditional HDS systems are typically manufactured using concrete manholes, making this type of system unique. 

For more information on the NCSPA 10th Annual Project of the Year Award winners, visit their website.

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