Project Profile

Materials: Tensar TX-140 & TX 160 Grid
Location: Billings, MT
Owner: Billings School District 2
Contractor: JEM Contracting
Consulting Engineer: Sanderson Stewart Engineering
Application: Tensar TX-140 & TX-160 Grid was used in this reconstructed parking lot and bus stop dropping area which required less aggregate to develop the strength needed for the design
Special Elements: Utilizing Spectra 4® design software the engineer had full confidence in the geogrid reinforced design. The project was able to move forward without delay and the deadline was met.

Why this product & Solution vs. conventional construction?

Softer subgrade conditions than were expected were encountered and the contractor was unable to add more aggregate thickness due to time and cost restraints. An alternate Tensar geogrid pavement section required less aggregate to develop the strength needed for the pavement design. The Tensar geogrid could be installed immediately, regardless of temperature or moisture, and the existing design section of rock could be used.

Project Challenges:

Time constraints: The school schedule was beginning in a few weeks. Additional time to sub-excavate, find a place for waste soil, and access additional aggregate was not feasible. The Tensar geogrid solution meant additional controlled costs and kept the project within the school’s budget.