R&R Petroleum Underground Tank Install 


Project Profile


Park Rapids, MN


R&R Petroleum

Products: Elutrons 10K straight, 20K two compartment, 20K three compartment. 

Project Challenges

Ground Water, Weather and Limited Space for Trucks

TrueNorth Steel provided 3 Elutrons to a new c-store construction site in central Minnesota.  The tanks arrived on FTC trucks in excellent condition.  The site was very tight and the tanks had to be backed into the crane for offloading.(not an easy task)  Our drivers did an excellent job.  The challenge to the installer is that the hole the tanks were being flown into filled with water.  With all fiberglass tanks, that is a problem because they float.  With Steel Jacketed tanks that is not a problem.  Like Ron Popeil said “set it and forget it”. The customer, Mn Environmental Pollution Control and the installer all had favorable comments on our tanks.