Project Profile

Location Robinson, ND
size Over 1,275′
completion date 2022
Scope Vent pipe

A central North Dakota farm had a unique problem: the vent pipe in their potato storage building was prone to crimping and flattening under the weight of a full crop load. Without proper ventilation, the produce would be prone to spoilage. Sales and engineering representatives from TrueNorth Steel’s Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) division visited the farm to help determine a calculated solution: replace the current, too pliable vent pipe with more heavy-duty 14 gauge pipe in 18″ and 24″ diameter sections that will withstand the weight of the crop load and prevent future vent blockage. The representatives incorporated more cost-effective materials where applicable while working with multiple TrueNorth Steel manufacturing facilities to deliver a vent pipe product made to the project’s custom specifications while staying within budget and on schedule.