bennett creek drainage culverts

Project Profile

Location McKenzie County, ND
size 108″ x 80′
completion date 2023
Scope Aluminized Type II CSP, Step Bevels, Headwalls

 White Rock Oil & Gas needed to replace a double run of failing drainage culverts that were installed over 40 years ago. These culverts are located on an important oil well access road through Bennett Creek in the Badlands of North Dakota. Water flow is typically minimal throughout the year, but in significant rain, the creek becomes a raging river that could potentially wash out the culvert. This would then cut off access to the well, which could be dangerous in an emergency. After considering their options, White Rock Oil & Gas chose corrugated metal pipe over reinforced concrete for their culvert solution due to its longevity, cost, and lead time. TrueNorth Steel also provided the project with half headwalls to secure the culverts in place, which the original culverts were lacking.