Clemow Lane Bridge Deck Replacement


Project Profile

Location: Wisdom, MT
Owner: Beaverhead County, Montana
Contractor: Beaverhead County Montana Bridge Crew
Application: Existing wood deck for steel girder bridge has deteriorated to a point where load limits decreased to critical levels. Steel girders are still in good shape and have years of service left. Beaverhead County utilized TrueNorth Steel’s RediDek™ prefabricated deck panels to stiffen the entire structure and increase loads to current standards.

Why was this product chosen over other options?

RediDek™ prefabricated corrugated deck panels are preassembled in the shop and are ready to install. Prefabricated deck panels facilitate one-day bridge deck replacement. RediDek™ panels can be installed with county crews and increase load capacities. Fast, low cost installation.

Project Challenges

The bridge could only be closed for 12 hours. 8 hours later the bridge was opened to traffic.