Featured Project: Prefabricated Multi-Span Steel Bridges in Bonner, MT

Sep 18, 2019 | Projects

Since 1945, TrueNorth Steel has provided customers with innovative steel solutions. Whether fabricating underground storage tanksmodular steel bridges, or structural steel, TrueNorth Steel has been a trusted resource for decades. Our experience has given us the expertise required to fabricate steel products to fit a variety of projects and accelerate the construction process.

In early 2018, TrueNorth Steel was approached about a bridge project in Bonner, Montana. The project entailed fabricating two multi-span steel bridges to replace an existing bridge over the Clark Fork River. Keep reading for more information about TrueNorth Steel’s role in this project.

Project Challenges

This project required flexibility as timelines changed. To ensure the products were delivered on time, we had to be prepared to make changes to our schedule on short notice. This allowed us to move around delivery orders at the last minute without impacting our loading capabilities. Because we were prepared, we were able to fabricate and ship the products according to the customer’s needs.


For this bridge project, TrueNorth Steel fabricated two 482-foot multi-span bridges. To support the multiple sections of each bridge, we also fabricated 8-foot steel haunch girders for each concrete bent. In total, the project required:

  • 1,537,161 lbs. of plate
  • 52,989 lbs. of angle
  • 3,802 lbs. of channel

TrueNorth Steel Improves Project Timelines with Prefabricated Steel Products

With large construction projects, timing is everything. Preventing delays requires a dynamic construction schedule to accommodate different stages of the project. A fluid schedule makes it easier to adjust loading, delivery, and logistics to ensure they add value to the project. TrueNorth Steel was able to help this bridge project stay on track by adjusting delivery orders according to changes in the schedule. In addition, opting to use prefabricated steel bridge girders instead of concrete helped to accelerate the construction of this project.

To learn more about this project or how our prefabricated steel bridge products can benefit your project, please contact our team.

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