Featured Project: Block 9 in Downtown Fargo, ND

Oct 2, 2019 | Projects

Many Fargo residents and visitors are familiar with the U.S. Bank Plaza and parking lot in at the corner of Broadway and 2nd Ave N. What they may not know is the 48,000 square foot lot was once a thriving center of commerce. Local developer, Kilbourne Group saw the potential to return the vacant space to its former glory with the construction of Block 9, a mixed-use, multi-level building. After establishing Block 9 Partners, a public-private partnership with R.D. Offutt and the City of Fargo, the land was purchased on August 31, 2018.

In September 2018, McGough broke ground on Block 9. Once completed, Block 9 will span 290,000 square feet across 18 stories. At 232 feet tall, it will not only be the tallest building in the city, but it will also completely transform the skyline of downtown Fargo. Several businesses are set to occupy the multi-use space and the building will be the new headquarters of R.D. Offutt.

Block 9 will also feature:

  • A community plaza with seasonal amenities
  • Ground-level retail space
  • 7 residential condominiums
  • A boutique hotel and restaurant
  • Parking ramp

Since the project began in 2018, TrueNorth Steel has provided approximately $3.4 million dollars worth of materials to complete the Block 9 building and parking ramp. These materials include 670 tons of structural steel as well as other miscellaneous materials. With the project currently 90% complete, TrueNorth Steel expects to provide additional materials.

The History of the Block 9 Location

Up until 1976, the future location of Block 9 was home to two prominent buildings in Fargo. The Hotel Boulger, owned by Richard Boulger, resided on the north side of the block. On the south side sat Keeney Block which housed several small businesses including a real estate office, music store, and law office. Together they created a focal point for downtown Fargo until the Fargo Fire of 1893 destroyed both.

After the fire, the hotel was rebuilt but became Norman Hotel. Eventually, the hotel was converted to Model Clothing House after a few years. Replacing Keeney Block was Continental Block, a mixed-use, multi-story building composed of a range of businesses. In 1976, another fire struck downtown Fargo and the hotel was eventually demolished to create room for parking and the U.S. Bank Plaza.

How Block 9 Will Impact Downtown Fargo

Once completed, the $98 million-dollar project is expected to have a profound impact on the community. According to Kilbourne Group, the construction of the mixed-use building will create an estimated 560 new jobs in downtown Fargo. The addition of new jobs will contribute to the growth of the community while creating new opportunities for community members, local businesses, and visitors. To learn more about Block 9, click here.

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