MasterSpec allows architects and engineers to preselect vendors for their project specifications. With MasterSpec, less time is spent researching because every product that is featured is credible and notable. 

MasterSpec provides an in-depth analysis of each product so that you know you are making a sound decision. Every detail and specification of our TrueRail® and TrueStair™ can be found on MasterSpec. MasterSpec content is used exclusively for the American Institute of Architects. 

Our team works closely with engineers, architects, and construction managers to tailor the level of service to each client’s unique needs. From concept to fabrication and assembly, we remain a true partner. 

When it comes to specifying TrueRail® or TrueStair™, you want something you can trust. 

The TrueRail® patent pending system provides complete flexibility and control to create  elaborate and aesthetically appealing railings. When looking for the best in custom design  flexibility, TrueRail® sections offer a retrofit solution for existing rail systems. TrueRail® systems  are cost effective, reduce installation time, and are code compliant. 

Our TrueStair™ system is a standardized design developed specifically to reduce the time required for all project team members. Architects and contractors can configure a labor and time-efficient stair system that is cost-effective. 

Both the TrueRail® and TrueStair™ offer: 

  • Ease of use for design and construction team 
  • Fast and efficient installation 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Meets local and state safety specifications 
  • Reduced lead and production time 

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