With over 75 years of experience, TrueNorth Steel has developed a pre-engineered, economical system that is ready to meet your egress stair needs. The TrueStair™ system can streamline your project and reduce the risk on your team. It is optimal for architects, engineer contractors and installers. TrueStair™ is a solution from TrueNorth Steel that will provide you and your customers with innovative high-quality products that are right the first time while complying with applicable codes of your project location.

Fits Application Needs of Several Building Types
TrueStair™ has been designed to meet the needs of any number of building projects including mid to high rise office and condominium projects, mixed use facilities, healthcare facilities, parking garages, sports and convention centers, industrial, and government buildings to name a few. TrueStair™ will work with any number of building types including steel, concrete and masonry block.

Cost Effective
TrueStair™ is a more economical solution when compared to current traditional systems. Because of the pre-engineered design, the designs can be easily configured to what best suits your project needs. Architects and contractors can configure a design for the same price or less than other stair systems on the market.

While many egress stair and handrail systems are fabricated on site, TrueStair™ is fabricated at our manufacturing facility as a single component ready for installation. Each stair flight and handrail is clearly marked and ready for installation when it arrives at the project site. There is minimum welding that needs to be done in order to install the product. With a pre-engineered TrueStair™ system, you not only reduce fabrication costs but the labor to install.

Fast, Efficient, & High Quality
TrueStair™ can be preassembled in flight modules or it can be made to fit up to any of the bolt-on rail systems that TrueNorth Steel has to offer. With all projects, time is of the essence! With that in mind, TrueNorth Steel created the TrueStair™ product to reduce the time needed for all functional area team members that interact with the stair product. This includes the design team, drawing creation, engineering, production, and installation.

We have recently added TrueRail® to our portfolio. The combination of TrueStair™ and TrueRail® is the perfect solution for any project. TrueRail® is a design-build product that offers architects the ability to add aesthetic appeal to the bland style of standard picket rail and 8-line steel rail systems. It features customizable design options and is an appealing solution for architects.

The team at TrueNorth Steel is available to assist architects, engineers, contractors and building owners. This effort ensures that the stair and handrail system for their project meets the design criteria and performance levels for a high-quality stair system. Both TrueStair™ and TrueRail® Increase Safety. At TrueNorth Steel, we believe safety is paramount and our products reflect that.

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