We are excited to announce that we finalized the agreement to purchase the assets and real estate of Beck Steel in Lubbock, Texas on May 28, 2021. TrueNorth Steel now has a Texas location! We have onboarded 27 employees at this site. We will be making renovations at this site and planning work over the next few months with the intent to be fully operational in October.

Beck Steel, a family owned business, has been around for over 50 years. Their business has focused on structural and miscellaneous metals fabrication in the south and southwest areas of the U.S.A. The facility in Lubbock, Texas has 150,000 square feet of enclosed production capacity and 11,400 square foot office space. Beck Steel has been a subcontractor on several TrueNorth Steel projects, most recently completing work for us on Culver City Studios in Los Angeles, California.

The addition of our Lubbock site will support the structural and miscellaneous metals business we are currently doing on the west coast and will open future opportunities for us in the southwest with other product lines. Please review the Beck Steel website for more information on the company. They have done some very impressive projects!

We will have more information coming to you in the upcoming weeks. Please let us know if you have any questions!