Fargo, ND — Corrugated steel pipe (CSP) has many benefits: it can come in many lengths and diameters to fit a wide variety of culvert and stormwater applications, it is cost-efficient to transport and install, it can be provided with a polymer or an aluminized coating to combat the different aggressive environments it may be buried in.  With an achievable Manning’s “N” coefficient of .012, and the fact that Steel is 100% recyclable and ecologically sustainable, CSP is a proven option for most drainage needs. Another popular attribute of CSP as of late is that it is readily available.

“We’ve seen quite an uptick in county and DOT officials asking about CSP for projects that they have normally specified RCP,” says Jason Mayer, Director of Sales for Drainage Products at TrueNorth Steel. “We are happy to educate new customers about the advantages of steel pipe versus reinforced concrete pipe (RCP). We find that many officials want to use RCP for their culvert projects, just because it is what has always been done.”

Lead times for TrueNorth Steel’s Corrugated Steel Pipe in the fall of 2022 are as low as 6-8 weeks. In addition, TrueNorth Steel’s logistics arm, FTC Transport, will help coordinate fast and hassle-free delivery.  

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