RediDek™ Bridge Replacement System

TrueNorth Steel’s innovative process uses lightweight prefabricated galvanized corrugated steel bridge deck panels. RediDek™ bridge deck panels arrive on site ready to install on existing steel, wood or concrete girders.

Features & Benefits:

  • Shop-installed lifting eyes facilitate fast picking points for speedy installation.
  • Pre-punched weld holes are provided based on girder spacing. For concrete or timber stringers, a bolted flange connection is provided to securely attach the RediDek™ panels to the bridge girders.
  • RediDek™ prefabricated panels have interior splice bars to bolt adjacent panels together.
  • Each panel has shop-installed side and end dams to contain road base, asphalt or concrete.
  • Shop-installed blade runners protect steel bridge deck from grader and plow blades.
72' Bridge Redi-deck proto-type 9 panel V3

Steel Specifications & Span Tables

Table 1 – Engineering Data, 12” x 4-1/4” Bridge Flooring – Type A

The allowable net spans presented in the table above are for informational purposes only and require consultation with the project engineer for specific product application recommendations.

  •  Net span is the clear span between girder flanges.
  • Allowable net span is based on 3-3/4” of gravel ballast cover above the top fl ange of 4-1/4” decking.
  •  Steel decking shall be 4-1/4”deep x 12” lay length “Type A” galvanized corrugated steel conforming to ASTM
  • A653 grade 50.
  • Steel decking shall be galvanized G200 coating weight per ASTM A653.