Drainage Applications for Transportation - Corrugated Steel Pipe

Watershed EcoArch Steel Culvert

Protecting our streams and watersheds is important to TrueNorth Steel and we offer a wide range of solutions to providing vehicular and pedestrian passage while minimizing impact. Bottomless culvert arches are available up to 50′ span and we can assist with sizing structures and foundations. TrueNorth Steel also designs and supplies conventional steel bridge systems as pre-fabricated modular sections and these can be supplied with our precast concrete bridge Super Sill® foundation that reduces construction impacts.   See the Bridge portion of our website for details or call us for support.

EcoArch™ is an environmentally sensitive option for crossing streams and drainages. Streambeds provide shelter and food, and support spawning fish. Conventional culverts can damage the streambed, creating unwanted obstructions that fragment aquatic ecosystems and harm fish populations and other aquatic species. The EcoArch’s™ open-bottomed structure makes it possible to create a crossing over sensitive ecosystems while leaving the natural channel untouched. By eliminating barriers for fish and other aquatic species, the EcoArch™ can also play an important role in restoration and rehabilitation of natural stream bottoms.