Underground Storage Tanks

With 75 years in business, we have manufactured thousands of tanks and have earned an industry leading reputation for making superior products that withstand the most corrosive environments. TrueNorth Steel underground storage tanks combine the strength of steel and the protection of fiberglass to create a durable tank that installs quickly. We produce high-quality tanks that offer quick, easy, and hassle-free installation to keep our customers productive.

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TrueNorth Steel UST - Underground Storage Tanks
TrueNorth Steel UST - Underground Storage Tanks

Underground Tank Technology

The Plasteel® Double Wall Composite Tank is UL Listed and Tested per UL Standard 58 and UL Standard 1746, Part II, Type I and Type II Secondary Containment. The outer steel secondary containment tank is assembled and welded 360° around the inner primary tank creating an interstitial space. The interstitial space between the primary tank and the secondary containment tank is designed to provide access to detect a liquid in the interstitial space and containment of the liquid.

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Tank Sizes & Capabilities

Our tank sizes range from 560-50,000 gallons and range from 4-12 ft in diameter. We create custom UST (underground storage tank) solutions and also create tanks by volume. Our team of experts assess the storage capacity needs as well as related taxes and fees.

Tank Solutions & Systems

TrueNorth Steel underground storage tank (UST) systems can either be a single tank or a combination of tanks. The tank system includes the tank, underground connected piping, underground ancillary equipment, and any containment system.

Compliance & UST Requirements

TrueNorth Steel underground tanks meet standards for spill, overfill, and corrosion protection. Plasteel® tanks have a proven performance history, with over 30,000 Plasteel® tanks installed since 1971 with no corrosion failures. The tank system includes the tank, underground connected piping, underground ancillary equipment, and any containment system.

Logistics & Time Saving Features

  • We ship every tank with cleaned and level fittings.
  • TrueNorth Steel delivers each tank to the site with a factory-established interstitial vacuum and pressure valve.
  • Structural integrity of the tank saves time on installation. Center lines are marked on all tanks for quick installation.
  • Our tank solutions save installers several hours they would otherwise spend cleaning fittings on other manufacturers’ tanks. (Fiberglass sometimes get in the fitting when you are making them.)
  • We also level them so pipe is straight. fiberglass-core tanks, which require extensive pre-installation testing on-site, including visual tests, internal pressurization and external soap suds testing.
  • We offer Deadman and hold down straps which ship prior to delivery of the tanks.

TrueNorth Steel Underground Tanks Team

Tim Ketcham - Tanks Account Manager

Tim Ketcham

Terry Glessing Agriculture Tanks Account Manager

Terry Glessing


Justin Lindquist



  • UL 58
  • Tank is UL listed and tested per UL standard 58+UL1746


Plasteel® Elutron® tanks have a limited 30-year warranty when storing flammable and combustible liquids