Underground Tank Technology

TrueNorth Steel UST - Underground Storage Tanks

TrueNorth Steel’s underground storage tanks combine the strength of steel and the protection of fiberglass to create a durable tank that installs quickly. Our sales team assists you to determine the best solution for your needs. In addition, we are able to be on-site during installation to ensure our tanks are exceeding your expectations.

Steel Core
We manufacture our underground tanks with a Steel Core for exceptional strength and durability. Steel tanks are the strongest on the market.

We offer external and internal protection from the elements that can cause tank failure including Plasteel® Elutron® Double Wall technology. The Elutron® jacket combines an interstitial stand-off material and outer layer of fiberglass, preventing external damage from corrosive soil. Using the same technologies and knowledge gained from the oil field, we offer internal corrosion prevention options unlike any other tank manufacturer in the industry. This includes options in ultra-low sulfur diesel tanks to minimize the impact of microbial growth.

Underground Storage Tanks