Underground Tank Features and Benefits

TrueNorth Steel UST - Underground Storage Tanks

Simple Installation
Tanks with a steel core are far simpler to install than all-fiberglass tanks. Our installation manual is only a few pages long, compared to dozens from fiberglass tank manufacturers.

Less Risk of Damage
Our underground storage tanks incorporate Steel Core with use of Elutron®, to offer the strength of steel with the anticorrosive benefits of fiberglass. Tanks constructed of 100 percent fiberglass rely on external soil and exact compaction by the installers for wall support; Steel Core tanks don’t. Simple installation dramatically reduces the risk of tank damage and lowers installation costs.

Pre-Installation Interstitial Space Testing
TrueNorth Steel delivers each tank to the site with a factory-established interstitial vacuum and pressure valve. This saves installers hours of time compared to fiberglass-core tanks, which require extensive pre-installation testing on-site, including visual tests, internal pressurization and external soap suds testing.

Time-Saving Features
TrueNorth Steel’s standard practice during manufacturing is to level and clean all fittings which will save installers several hours. Center lines are marked on all tanks for quick installation. We offer Deadman and hold down straps which ship prior to delivery of the tanks.

Tank is UL listed and tested per UL standard 58+UL1746.

Plasteel® Elutron® tanks have a limited 30 year warranty when storing flammable and combustible liquids.