Fargo, ND – On September 14, 2022 the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association (NDMCA) honored Kelly Krapu of TrueNorth Compliance Services with the Safety Professional of the Year award.

Each year the NDMCA holds a convention to formally recognize select industry professionals who go above and beyond and show an unwavering commitment to safety. Awards given are in recognition for achievements the previous year. The NDMCA offers awards in the following categories: Fleet Safety Awards, Service Technician of the Year, Service Manager of the Year, Driver of the Year, and Safety Professional of the Year.

To be recognized as the NDMCA’s Safety Professional of the Year one must show a commitment to safety, make contributions to the trucking industry, and show integrity in interactions with drivers, co-workers, customers, and the general public. In addition, successful candidates will have proven to have implemented programs, processes and procedures throughout their tenure and to have performed work outside their company to improve workplace and roadway safety.

“I am honored to have been recognized as Safety Professional of the Year,” says Krapu, “Compliance is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of commercial transportation or trucking, but compliance services are absolutely vital to keep drivers at maximum efficiency while keeping the public safe.” Krapu continues, “We take our work very seriously at TrueNorth Compliance Services. Individual State or Federal rules and regulations can change with little notice, and compliance services keep commercial transportation running smoothly. This award is so meaningful as it validates the attention to detail and the diligence that our team brings to compliance services in this region.”

Kelly Krapu has been a leader in compliance services and commercial transportation in North Dakota for 14 years, having helped founded and directed TrueNorth Compliance Services since 2020. TrueNorth Compliance Services is a company dedicated to assisting professional drivers with safety, regulatory, and DOT compliance needs and is a subsidiary of TrueNorth Steel.

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