Stormwater Management

Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) Retention systems are used when stormwater run-off has no or restricted outlet for disposal. Stormwater is collected and stored, then allowed to dissipate by infiltration into the ground through the use of fully perforated CMP. Benefits include enhancement of ground water resources, not the existing storm water system and filtration of stormwater water through underlying soils.

Stormwater Management Projects

Stormwater management has become the primary challenge for property owners and consulting engineers. Aboveground stormwater ponds take up valuable space and create safety and maintenance concerns. Capturing and storing stormwater runoff in a TrueNorth Steel underground pipe system is often the solution. Systems can be configured to allow for stormwater infiltration or to release stormwater at a predetermined rate. Contact us for project assistance and cost estimates.

TrueNorth Steel also supplies Spiral Rib storm drain pipe materials with a smooth interior (Manning’s “n” = .012) and with either galvanized steel, Aluminized Steel Type 2 or Polymeric coatings for extended service life.