Safety is Serious Business

TrueNorth Steel doesn’t take workplace safety precautions lightly.  Continuously improving the safety in all of our facilities is the most important thing we do.  Our employees deserve it. Our customers demand it.

The safety protocol is a part of our strategic plan for the business.  We have a full-time safety department who oversee weekly and quarterly training for our employees.  We provide monthly updates of our safety metrics for all employees and track our Total Incident Rate (TIR) against industry standards.

We make significant investments in our ongoing safety program, with new team members and veterans alike receiving extensive and intensive safety training throughout the year.

No deadline, no spec requirement, no process will ever be more important than our safety commitment.  If you’re a customer, potential customer, or candidate for employment, and you’d like detailed information on our safety record and incident rates, contact our TrueNorth Steel Safety Team.