Yaggie’s feed tanks tANKS & cONTAINMENT

Project Profile

Location: Yankton, SD
Products: 25,000 Gallon Cone Bottom Foam Insulated Tank with Outside Steel Wrap Seal Weld.

Project challenges: 

To get five 25000-gallon vertical cone bottom insulated tanks to
fit in the existing containment and have all the plumbing on new
tanks, line up with the existing plumbing in the building. The
existing tanks were too small for their growing feed business
and were deteriorating.

Truenorth Steel solution in application:

The customer wanted fast loading and unloading of their feed
products. Since the product comes in hot, the customer needs
to keep it hot. TrueNorth Steel’s solution was Cone Bottom
Insulated Fat Tanks with Emersion Heaters.

Products used in application: 

25000-gallon cone bottom foam insulated tank with outside
steel wrap seal weld. TrueNorth Steel also supplied emersion
heaters, OSHA ladder, cat walks, and stainless-steel doors in
the skirt for easy access

Special/unique elements of the project: 

Spray foam insulation which was sprayed prior in production at
TrueNorth Steel; we sprayed 3” of foam which supplied an R
value of 18 then wrapped the tank in 12-gauge steel. 3”x3”x1/4”
rolled angles were used as standoffs. The emersion heaters
keep the fat and oil in the tank around 120 degrees.