Richardton Bridge


Project Profile


Richardton, ND

size 21’ x 28’ 

The Stark County Highway Department was looking to replace a failed bridge in Stark County, ND. The original bridge collapsed under the weight of a large grain hauler that had to be removed before construction. The bridge was initially proposed with an AASHTO HL-20-44 load rating, but the consulting engineers, KLJ Engineering, requested that the load rating be increased to an AASHTO HL-93. TrueNorth Steel was able to accommodate this request while keeping the project on schedule. Additionally, TrueNorth Steel was able to fabricate a custom steel cap that was designed and installed by the Stark County crew. The cap attached to the wood pilings to accommodate the new bridge installation, which helped reduce installation time. The modular bridge was installed onto the bridge pilings and was completely assembled in less than three hours from the arrival of the crane to lift the modules.