ND Badlands Re-lining


Project Profile

Materials & Equipment Galvanized Box Rib CSP
Location: Fairfield, ND
Owner: White Rock Oil and Gas – Dallas, TX
Contractor: Stoppleworth & Son
Application: 200 feet of 72” X 14 gauge Galvanized Box Rib liner pipe inserted into an 84” galvanized corrugated steel pipe
Special Project Elements: A water spring that flows year round is near the host culvert causing wet, muddy and even icy conditions during the repair process.

Project Challenges

Approximately 50’ of cover is over the host pipe. Oil and gas pipe lines along with high voltage power lines were weaved through the over burden area therefore removal was almost impossible. The bottom of the host pipe was near 50% gone or buckled. Crews had to cut out bad pipe areas, adding in supports to hold and strengthen the host pipe; as well as weld in skid plates for the liner pipe to slide on, prior to the process of lining and grouting.