Antelope Creek
Bridge Replacement

Project Profile

Location Grant County, ND
size 8ga
2x 144″ CSP
completion date 2023
Scope CSP
Beveled End Treatments

During the harsh 2022-23 winter season, the wooden bridge abutments over Antelope Creek were damaged by ice beyond repair. While water flow is minimal throughout the year, a significant rain event could easily cause the Antelope Creek Bridge to fail, removing all access to and from various farms on the other side of the creek. Because of this, and the quickly approaching winter, the timeline for this project was very short. Additionally, the county had limited funds for this project as they are given a set budget each year to make repairs/replacements. Grant County weighed its options and ultimately chose TrueNorth Steel’s steel solution over competitors’ concrete options due to lead time and cost. In the end, TrueNorth Steel successfully completed this bridge replacement project on time and within budget.