Private Development

TrueNorth Steel - Private Development Bridge

We have passion and are committed to ensuring a private customer has the right information to make a good decision about his or her new bridge. Every bridge crossing is unique, but all bridges have similarities. Our bridge consultants can explain the process and will simplfy your project.

Permitting – Usually your contractor takes care of this, but we can provide guidance, specifications and standard drawings to support the process.

Our engineers are registered in all 50 states.

We can provide onsite consultations anywhere within our foot print. We have numerous engineers and territory managers traveling in your area on a consistent basis

We can provide abutment design, based on partnering with regional geotechnical engineers to acquire the appropriate soils analysis.

We partner with local contractors to support your installation. If you have selected a contractor, we can review the simple bridge installation process with them and provide training.

Our Bridges

> Truss style and steel girder

> Manufactured from low maintenance weathering steel and heavy duty steel galvanized deck

> Clear spans up to 120’ in modular form. Bolt-together bridge components supplied over 120’ in length

> Numerous loadings available

> Pre-manufactured modules show up on the project and are ready to install

> Standard designs reduce upfront engineering costs

> SuperSill™ pre-engineered abutments. Pre-engineered and pre-manufactured abutments simplify the construction process