Ensure your oil’s quality with TrueNorth Steel tanks. Oil exploration companies know our 40-plus years of experience results in high-quality, tried-and-tested storage tanks for their operations. We construct our signature TrueTank to meet necessary API requirements that you need, ensuring it withstands even the harshest conditions. Our strategically located manufacturing facilities and short lead times ensure you’ll get your TrueTank delivered anywhere in the U.S. or Canada in less time than you’d expect.

TrueTank Oil Field Steel Tanks

TrueTank Features

• Oil Tank Sizes — From 200 bbl to 1,000

• Print Check — Avoid surprises with our Print Check detail drawing review process. It ensures your tank design meets your requirements, resulting in the right product every time.

• TankBase — The TrueNorth Steel TankBase design incorporates the base into the tank, eliminating the need for multiple shipments, suppliers and the handling and setting of two products. This saves you significant labor, shipping and set-up costs.

• API Certified — TrueNorth Steel is an American Petroleum Institute-approved company that uses the systems required to produce the highest quality fuel tanks.

For peak productivity and efficiency, use TrueTank oil tanks with TrueNorth Steel’s innovative TrueContain boltless containment system and our TrueWalk catwalks.