TrueContain Oil Field Containment System

Improve installation efficiency with TrueNorth’s TrueContain system. Our patented containment system is completely boltless, offering you faster setup anywhere, anytime, to put you ahead of schedule.

We know things don’t always go as planned, which is why we designed TrueContain to be easily adaptable, allowing you to fix unforeseen set-up mistakes that would be difficult or costly with other systems. In addition, our boltless systems are not restricted by site design, which gives increased flexibility over other containment systems. That makes installation mistakes a thing of the past.

TrueContain Features

• Only 7 Parts — TrueContain requires only two people for setup and includes just seven parts as well as easy installation instructions and on-site service.

• 12-Gauge Steel Panels — Heavy-duty steel gives long-lasting performance, and feature powder-coated surfaces in all BLM color options.

• Posted or Zero Ground Disturbance — Zero ground disturbance assembles quickly and easily, eliminating added costs associated with drilling holes. Posted options are available when an operation requires a containment wall higher than 30 inches or needs the extra security anchored systems provide.

Get customized efficiency by using TrueContain with TrueNorth Steel’s innovative TrueTank oil storage tanks and our TrueWalk catwalks.