TrueWalk Catwalk

TrueWalk Oil Field Catwalk

Shorten your setup time by as much as 35 percent with our TrueWalk Catwalk. Manufactured with your productivity and safety in mind, our exclusive catwalk design installs in a third of the time with less hassle than other designs.

Forget the frustration and mistakes that come with lots of small parts. Our TrueWalk Catwalk features an innovative structural channel that replaces 75 percent of the bolts typically needed to connect catwalk components. That eliminates most manual labor — and the associated risk of injuries — that accompany other catwalks. With TrueWalk, it’s as easy as setting the catwalk in place.

TrueWalk Features

• Walkway Safety Components — Grip Strut®-surfaced walkways and round handrails on the catwalk stairs reduce the risk of slips and falls while traveling between oil tanks.

• Sturdy Design — Meticulous engineering results in industry-leading sturdiness and safety during use.

• All Size Ranges — We offer standard sizes for all API configurations, and the system’s modular design enables custom configurations with no redesign necessary.

The TrueWalk Catwalk pairs with TrueNorth Steel’s innovative TrueTank oil storage tanks and our TrueContain boltless containment systems for a cohesive, efficient setup.