13.8 billion years ago, the universe began with the Big Bang. According to scientists, when the Big Bang occurred it produced equal amounts of matter and anti-matter. Yet, if matter and anti-matter were created in equal parts, why is everything in the universe composed of matter? This is a question scientists have been trying to answer throughout history. In fact, this question is the inspiration behind an experiment called the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE). Neutrinos are the most abundant matter particles in the universe. These tiny particles are produced in large quantities in the sun and stars and

As an industry leader in steel products for over 70 years, TrueNorth Steel is always working to create innovative new solutions for our clients. Most recently, we added TrueRail to our portfolio. TrueRail is a design-build product that offers architects the ability to add aesthetic appeal to the bland style of standard picket rail and 8-line steel rail systems. Features and Benefits of TrueNorth Steel’s TrueRail There are many innovative features and benefits of TrueNorth Steel’s TrueRail system. From the ability to create complex steel rail designs to high-quality safety features, TrueRail meets a wide variety of needs. Appealing Solutions

At TrueNorth Steel, we over 70 years of experience providing innovative solutions to the oil field industry. Our extensive experience allows us to manufacture oil field products that not only save time and money but makes oil-well operations run smoother. One of those products is our TrueWalk Catwalk system. With a flexible design, increased safety and durability, and accelerated installation, TrueWalk Catwalk system is the perfect solution for traveling to and from oil tanks. Flexible Modular Design TrueNorth Steel’s TrueWalk Catwalk features an innovative locking structural channel system available in a range of sizes. In addition to offering standard sizes

At TrueNorth Steel, we have over 70 years of experience working with the agricultural and oil industries. With our extensive experience has come an increased understanding of how to manufacture the best possible tanks for our customers. By utilizing our specific design, we can provide tanks that are durable and cost-effective, among other benefits. Here are some of the great features and money-saving benefits of our underground storage tanks. Customizable Tank Design The underground storage tanks TrueNorth Steel offers range in size from 560 gallons to 40,000 gallons in 4-foot to 12-foot diameters. In addition to a wide range of

When it comes to quick and affordable alternatives to traditional bridges constructed on site, TrueNorth Steel offers an innovative solution with our prefabricated modular bridge system. From abutments to guardrails to deck panels, we use an AISC certified fabrication processes to ensure higher levels of quality. A crucial element of our prefabricated modular steel bridges  is our RediDek™ prefabricated steel bridge deck panels. These panels work in conjunction with TrueNorth Steel’s SuperSill™ abutment system , both of which are an integral part of TrueNorth Steel’s Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) process . Here’s how our RediDek™ prefabricated steel bridge deck panels contribute to

One of the most integral parts of installing a prefabricated modular bridge system is the abutment. Tasked with supporting the lateral and horizontal force  pressure applied by the bridge, the abutment or spread footing needs to be structurally sound and durable to ensure the structure meets design requirements and is safe to use. Traditional abutments are typically cast-in-place concrete or precast concrete shipped to the job site. However, both methods have their drawbacks. Abutments cast-in-place require more excavation and take longer to install. Precast abutments are very heavy, making them expensive to ship and usually require a crane to unload

Infrastructure rose to the top as the most important issue in the Greater North Dakota Chamber April 2018 membership survey, and it’s no surprise. Infrastructure serves communities across the country with systems that provide transportation, communication, water, sanitation and energy services. It is the life blood of our economy and it is the one issue both political parties support as a high priority for funding. But the current assessment of our national and state infrastructure points out significant deficiencies. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, our nation’s infrastructure earned a “D+”. North Dakota alone