TrueNorth Steel History

TrueNorth Steel’s story began in 1945 when Ole Rommesmo Sr., a Norwegian immigrant, launched his first company: Fargo Tank. From the very beginning, the business reflected Ole Sr., his values, and his principles. Integrity, humility, focus, commitment, and knowledge. These words describe Ole Sr., and they represent the entire TrueNorth Steel team today.

In the decades that followed, the business grew through acquisitions, creating a diverse portfolio of steel products and capabilities while extending the company’s reach across North America. Huron Culvert and Tank, Minnkota Windows, Mandan Steel, Johnston Fargo Culvert, FTC Transport, Dakota Steel, Precision Stair and Steel, and Roscoe Steel and Culvert were added. The businesses were known by their names individually. Collectively they became businesses of The Rommesmo Companies.

Ole Rommesmo, Jr. now leads the business, and in 2011, Ole Jr. integrated The Rommesmo Companies’ steel businesses into a single organization, forming TrueNorth Steel. TrueNorth Steel carries the company’s more than seven decades of history into the future – continuing to deliver on the values of integrity, humility, focus, commitment and knowledge on which Ole Sr. founded the business and continuing to serve its customers with reliable steel products they can count on.

Fargo Tank Company Headquarters - 1945