Flood Control and Waterway Management

Flood Control Culvert and Waterway Management Steel Pipes

The pressure is on when floods and water crises impact your community. TrueNorth Steel has delivered flood control and water management solutions for more than 60 years. We keep a well-stocked inventory across all of our locations and offer complete logistic services, so we can respond with the speed and agility required in emergency situations. We can supply pipes up to 144″ in diameter, pipe arches up to 171″ span x 110″ rise, bottomless arch culverts and structural plate box culverts. Contact us for project options and support.

System options include:

– Water Control Structures
– Pre-fabricated Steel Headwalls
– A variety of pipe end treatments
– Culvert/Bridge Restoration
– ​Flap Gates for Ring Dikes
– Risers, Elbows, Tees
– Bridge Piling Protection
– Custom Steel Fabrication for Special Applications

– Sheet Piling
– Drop Structures
– Box Culverts
– Structural Plate
– Bridge Decking
– Anti-Seep Collars
– Pipe Reducers
– Manholes