TrueNorth Steel offers a wide range of materials for erosion control applications but Flexamat® stands alone with its ability to resist hydraulic forces in channels and streams, on shorelines and at drainage structure outlets.

Permanent Erosion Control Flexamat® is a permanent erosion control mat utilized for stabilizing slopes, channels, low water crossings, inlet/outlet protection, and shorelines. Tied Concrete Block Mat is a generic term for Flexamat®. It consists of concrete blocks (6.5˝ x 6.5˝ with a 2.25˝ profile) locked together and embedded into a high strength geogrid. There is 1.5˝ spacing between the blocks that gives the mat flexibility and allows for optional vegetation growth. The mat is packaged in rolls, making transporting and installing Flexamat® efficient. It is manufactured with various underlayments, determined by onsite conditions.

Flexamat is supplied in the following configurations:

  • Standard Flexamat ®  is manufactured with the Aspen wood excelsior, Curlex II ® . This underlayment help establish and encourage vegetation growth.
  • Flexamat Plus is manufactured with Recyclex ®  TRM underlayment which is used when a permanent backing is needed.  This product is made from recycled soda bottles (nylon fiber that will not float).  This backing will allow vegetation growth and will remain permanently as an underlayment if growth isn’t present.  This backing is used primarily in arid environments, areas susceptible to drought, areas with poor soils, and shaded areas.
  • Flexamat® may also be supplied with non-woven fabric underlayment. This backing is used in applications where establishing vegetation is not possible or not desired. Non-woven backings should be used for areas exposed to continuous flows or where sandy soils are present.


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