Agriculture Applications with Corrugated Pipe

Agriculture Corrugated Steel Pipe

For more than 60 years, farmers and other agricultural organizations have trusted TrueNorth Steel Corrugated Pipe for drainage, ventilation and dozens of other applications.

Field Drainage

For farmers, properly drained fields are one of the most important factors to delivering better yields at harvest. Corrugated steel pipe provides effective field drainage, enhances fertilizer effectiveness, prevents soil erosion and mitigates flooding concerns, so you’re in the field faster, your crops are safer and your returns are stronger. TrueNorth Steel offers a variety of drainage gates based on your application; view them all on our Drainage Gate page.

Produce Ventilation Pipe

Better ventilation in your produce piles means less waste, and that directly impacts your bottom line. TrueNorth Steel provides vent pipe systems for many of the leading agriculture processing facilities and vent pipe for sugarbeet, potato, carrot and onion applications. Custom ventilation hole patterns are available.