Culvert Rehabilitation

Culvert Rehabilitation

Culvert deterioration doesn’t happen overnight, yet its effects can be substantial when it comes to roadway damage from sinkholes, road collapse and even flooding. In some cases, complete culvert replacement isn’t necessary. In fact, many counties and cities opt for culvert rehabilitation instead of replacement because it offers:

> No roadway shutdown
> No traffic re-routing
> No disruption of the pavement and roadway embankment
> Minimize drainage disruption
> Overall lower cost than removal and replacement

TrueNorth Steel provides two options for culvert rehabilitation:

Corrugated Steel Pipe Culvert Rehab

Corrugated metal lining:  Liner pipe can be supplied with Spiral Rib corrugations Manning’s “n”=.012  minimizes flow capacity loss. Systems can be supplied with grout plugs to fill the annulus, adjusting rods for center placement of the culvert in the structure and special skids for easy installation. Contact us for details and drawings.

Snap Tite Culvert Lining System

Snap-Tite® HDPE plastic reline pipe:  Culvert rehabilitation using the Snap-Tite Culvert Lining System is an intelligent, cost-effective solution. Snap-Tite rehabs a failing culvert without the need to remove the existing deteriorated pipe. Lightweight, flexible, durable HDPE has an indefinite service life and ensures a water-tight seal at all joints. Short or long segments facilitate installation and diameters range from 8 to 84-inches. Snap-Tite has Concept Drawings for the easy installation detail of the product.