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Durability of Aluminized Type 2 CSP

Top 10 reasons to Specify CSP Drainage

Pipe Headwalls

Specifications for Spiral Rib Aluminized Steel Type 2

Specifications for Spiral Rib Polymer Coated Steel

Specifications for Aluminized Steel Type 2

Specifications for Galvanized CSP

Specifications for Polymer Coated Galvanized

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Specifications for Galvanized Riveted

Corrugated Steel Pipe Technical Specification Guide

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Underground Detention Specifications

TruePlate Structural Plate

Top/Bottom Step Bevels for Round CSP

Top/Bottom Step Bevels for Arched CSP

Stormwater Management

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Standard Bands

Spiral Rib CSP vs. RCP

Spiral Rib CSP vs. Polypropylene

Spiral Rib CSP vs. HDPE

Specifications for Spiral Rib Aluminized Type 2 – Storm Sewers

Specifications for Slotted Drain Variable Height

Specifications for Slotted Drain Standard Height

Specifications for Flared End Sections


Slotted Drain – Trapezoidal

Slotted Drain – Rectangular

Service LIfe Evaluation of Corrugated Steel Pipe

Sample Underground Detention & Retention System Drawing

Pipe Fittings and Joints


NCSPA Stormwater Management Systems

NCSPA Pipe Selection Guide

NCSPA Installation Manual

NCSPA Detention & Retention Installation

NCSPA Condition Survey of CSP Detention

Installation, Inspection, Maintenance

Helical Bands

Detention – Retention System

CSP Design Manual – Ch. 12 – Inspection, Maintenence, and Rehabilitation

CSP Design Manual – Ch. 11 – Value Engineering and Life Cycle Cost (LLC)

CSP Design Manual – Ch. 10 – Installation and Construction Procedures

CSP Design Manual – Ch. 9 – Durability

CSP Design Manual – Ch. 8 – Structural Design for Special Applications

CSP Design Manual – Ch. 7 – Structural Design

CSP Design Manual – Ch. 6 – Stormwater Management and Water Quality Design

CSP Design Manual – Ch. 5 – Hydraulic Design Storm Sewers

CSP Design Manual – Ch. 4 – Hydraulic Design Culverts

CSP Design Manual – Ch. 3 – Hydrology

CSP Design Manual – Ch. 2 – Product details and fabrication

CSP Design Manual – Ch. 1 – Applications

Bottom Step Bevels for Round CSP

Bottom Step Bevels for Arched CSP

Angled Tee

65-90 Degree Elbow

35-64 Degree Elbow

3-34 Degree Elbow

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